a-house-of-many-things asked: ((oh, and happy belated birthday. I hope your teacher didn't give you what they gave me on my birthday- a midterm exam!))

Nope nope! I was getting drunk as hell on my bday ‘cause it fell on a Sunday. But thank you so much!

thecutestnin asked: {/I missed your birthday senpai!? D: -throws flowers at- Happy belated birthday!}

// Thank you sweetie! Yeah I turned 21 on the 6th, but don’t worry about it, I haven’t been on very much, and I was drunk all day on my bday lol


Yo, never be afraid to come and bother my muse on anon or not. I live for destroying them and breaking them to where they can’t return. I love it when people pester them about their relationships and feelings. Just because the muse may feel and say one thing doesn’t mean I, the mun do. I thrive for those asks that challenge my character and, in fact, most of them help build my characterization. So ask away my friends.

send me a ✄ for my character's reaction to yours walking in on them in the middle of killing someone.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare all day, Uchiha?" The puppeteer rolled his victim’s body over, careful not to stain his hands in blood. "Do your job and get the artifact already. Stop wasting time."

explosive-clay asked: ✄
send me a ✄ for my character's reaction to yours walking in on them in the middle of killing someone.

The sound of footsteps is what first alerted the redhead, but he didn’t look up. Instead he yanked the dagger from his target’s chest cavity and reached down to grab the scroll that they needed. 

Here, brat.” He tossed the scroll over to the oddly quiet blonde. “We’ll be needing that later.”

whiskerdick asked: "I just wanna be close to you."

"Fine, just be quiet."

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send me a ✄ for my character’s reaction to yours walking in on them in the middle of killing someone.
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Happy Birthday Ange! || Angels

Note: Belated Happy Birthday, Ange! I hope your birthday was memorable and that you did things that made you happy and received spectacular gifts! May you have many more birthdays to celebrate in the future! I am really thankful for this day and to have known you and for you (I mean, I’m pretty sure your blog is one of the first reasons why Sasori has become a favorite character). You’re a talented writer, and a wonderful friend! I hope more and more people will get to see this. I wish you the best in life— may all your wildest dreams come true and more. And I do hope that you’ll one day get to visit some of the places mentioned in this fic and then notice all the wrong details I’ve placed here! I hope to the high heavens that this turns out well and I just realized that both of these characters you have RPed and I really hope that I did not butcher them and that you enjoy it <3

Modern Day-AU. Set in Paris, Rome, and mentions of Shang Hai with Sasori, Konan, a character that’s mostly imagined for the purpose of this fic, and Deidara and Gaara in a short scene. My general idea of modern day recruitment into the Akatsuki and then some.

tw: (I don’t know if it’s trigger worthy but just in case) hints of war, child soldiers and terrorist attacks. Also warning, it’s kinda long.

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whiskerdick asked: "Can I start sleeping your bed? I don't like that you leave me for nine hours every night..."

"I rarely sleep, Menma. I don’t see the point in this."

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Anonymous asked: Dearest Sasori-sama, sometimes you're all I can seem to think about. I can only dream of being as perfect as you...

"Don’t quit your day job."